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“To boldly go where no client has gone before,” sums up our epic ride with Liquid Laundry.

The truth is, they could have chosen anyone they wanted. But they entrusted The Orangeblowfish with their new restaurant branding, which, back then, when we were fighting to prove our worth, was a huge win.

No. We weren’t about to break down and cry.

We were going to man the f*** up and design a contemporary space for our client who would one day make history with their homebrews, and give the status quo in Shanghai’s sleepy brunch scene a run for their money.


Never forget your roots. Inspired by the 50-60’s American culture that our clients were familiar with… we designed Liquid Laundry with one goal: to evoke a realness forgotten, an authentic joy from dining together.

Here, people gathered over good and honest food.
Here, meals with friends or strangers are always enjoyed, over shared spaces.

Sometimes, when the sun is out and we’re not inundated with work, you can find us at LIQUID LAUNDRY, secretly checking on our #ballsdeepinpaint installations, checking everything’s in tip-top order.

For more project details, contact our Imaginate team here.

Our iconic string art, at the entrance. This wall installation took over few hundred metres of string, and over two non-stop days to complete. “Easy!”
Perfection not needed. Distressed artwork on walls allows your interior space to carry a modern, yet boldly relaxed feel.
No shortcuts. All environmental graphics, artwork and signage are handcrafted and handmade for that 100% vintage nostalgia.