• Global branding and communications strategy and execution
  • Content strategy, execution and management
  • Website development, execution and management
  • Digital communications
  • Brand identity and merchandising

Get to know MARY REZEK at her official homepage, Twitter  and LinkedIn. Leaders, keep an eye out for her global facilitation events.

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When Silicon Valley global executive coach Mary Rezek met The Boss at TEDxPuxi (formerly known as TEDxShanghai Women), it was love at first sight. Sparks flew. Fists bumped. Two bullshit bombers, knew it was going to be a match made in heaven.

Late one night over drinks, Mary asked the question, “So what do you guys actually do. You seem to know a lot about this digital marketing stuff.” And that’s when the beautiful romance began.


We’ve aced corporate fun. It was time to hit the C-level notes.

Taking on Mary’s brief was unlike anything we’ve handled: from assessing her global coaching strategy with different US counterparts over Skype, to leading the communications charge across time zones; creating her re-branding collaterals and toolkits, and setting up the necessary digital platforms from scratch… we were slightly overwhelmed (if we’re going to be honest here), yet deliciously high from the adrenaline rush.

How do you encapsulate your client’s “no bullshit” personality in a design? With a bold full stop, period.
We ensured her voice stood out in a clean, modern way across everything she owned – websites, her Thank You notes, newsletters, corporate stamp, social media profiles… You name it, we covered it!