• Graphic design
  • Packaging
  • Rebranding
  • Wall art

We reckon you start with OCEAN GROUNDS flagship store at 282 Huaihai Middle Road, Hong Kong Plaza. If you’re lucky, Jimmy might be there, concocting one of his signature drinks for you. Don’t forget to check out the skateboards, tagging us at #ballsdeepinpaint

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Jimmy called. We don’t know who gave him our number, but boomz! More caffeine for The Orangeblowfish.

With all respect, everyone knows Jimmy Lee, owner of Ocean Grounds, is no ordinary coffee aficionado. His creations are as innovative as a Gentle Monster store display: you wouldn’t walk away without first giving a few items a go.

We knew Jimmy had big plans for Shanghai. Not wanting to let him down, we worked our balls off on his rebranding, ensuring every one of his stores was imbued with his unique personality – a blend of that laid-back Californian vibe, cut with glimpses of fervor for his craft.


The surfboard was our first choice for a feature wall design: we wanted something truly representative of Jimmy’s hometown, the Californian beach culture. It hit us that Shanghai wasn’t going to adopt the shaka anytime soon, hence we switched it up to the fast and furious skateboard – still cool, reckless, and twice as wild and free.

We designed this abstract mural to transport viewers into another world, with a beautiful woman lost in her thoughts while facing the open sea.
Not your average retail branding project. We designed almost everything you see: menu designs, hats, t-shirts, posters (soaked in coffee and wheat-pasted on the wall for a vintage look!), packaging, cups, uniforms, signage… name it, and we probably did it!
Spot the Easter egg: three skateboards with "143" on them, a throwback to an old lighthouse morse code and very much a part of California’s rap culture.